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Grab Your Bikes! Let's Hit The Road.

One of the greatest outdoor experiences visitors to the Cape can have is to explore the land's diverse sets of bike paths. There is a lot of ground to cover here, both literally and figuratively, so let's get started.

Speaking of a lot of ground, Cape Cod offers visitors 114 miles of trails to ride. That's a lot of adventuring. No matter which path you choose, you will experience stark contrast between bay, pond, ocean, and forest. Just imagine journeys through picturesque towns, moments staring in awe at beautiful coastlines, and wondering at the magnificent lighthouses this place has to offer. Though there are many trails to ride we will discuss our three favorites: The Rail Trail, The Canal Bike Paths, and The Head of the Meadow Trail.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail

On this paved, off-road trail, cyclists can follow the historic Cape Cod Railroad tracks. Throughout this 22-mile trail, you'll see train routes that used to transport travelers and cargo from the 1800 until about the 1960s. You can get to the Northern trailhead from Hedgebound Estate by taking the Interstate 6 about 8 miles South. The trail winds South and West through the Cape and ends up at Route 134 in Dennis. There are many entrances to this bike path, especially in towns and near hotels. This bike path is patrolled by the local bike police and is a safe and exciting way to spend the day.

The Cape Cod Canal Bike Paths

Also paved and off-road, the canal bike paths will take you along both sides of the man-made Cape Cod Canal. This is a great place to begin for new cyclists, due to its minimal grades and quality upkeep. Along the way, you'll feel the breeze of the ocean air and be endlessly entertained by the constant boat traffic. There are many places to stop and take photographs or just to sit and absorb the beautiful scenes. You can get to the canal from Hedgebound by ferry or by taking the Interstate 6 South!

The Head of the Meadow Trail

Looking for something close to Hedgebound Estate in Truro? This easy two-mile ride begins at the Head of the Meadow parking area and runs all the way to the beautiful Head of the Meadow Beach. This parking lot trailhead is a quick 30-minute bike ride if you begin your journey from the estate!

There are many options when deciding which bike route you'd like to take during your stay at The Cape. Lucky for you, there really isn't a bad choice. We hope you enjoy your biking experience at Cape Cod. Remember, stay safe and wear a helmet!

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